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Time becomes a precious commodity.
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We produce high-pressure hoses on the equipment brought from Finland and Italy.


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Todayforkliftsused in warehouses and technology chains in virtually every sector of economy: how to trade and transportation, agriculture. Loader increasingly find their application in new areas of modern business. Our company is selling forklifts world's leading manufacturers. In our range you will always find electric, gasoline, diesel and gas trucks of different brands and price ranges.

Rental forklifts

As with any other type of equipment provided on our site, forklifts, you can buy or make rent.Rental forklifts, usually necessary in the case of one-time use of heavy equipment. Rental trucks are becoming increasingly small companies or private individuals. Rental loader allows you to expand the fleet of used equipment, investing, thus, the core business, rather than the acquisition of fixed assets, you have to solve their production challenges while staying focused on issues that can be entrusted to professionals of his case. In other words, rent a loader extremely beneficial.

Tires to pogruzchikam

Anyone who was driving the vehicle, known as the controllability of the machine suddenly worsens fallen snow, autumn rain, slowly rolling in the snow or ice for pulp loader become insurmountable obstacle that leads to the need to put on trucks tire specifically tailored for such situations . Our company offers a variety oftires to pogruzchikamto ensure sustainable continuous operation of forklifts, which can be used depending on the type and complexity of work.

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